Latest Activities

Throughout the URB_ART project, we will publish our findings, recommendations and best practice advice here.

Baseline Survey

The “Baseline survey on transdisciplinary and multilingual Urban Arts Education”, undertaken in 2021, was the starting point of URB_ART. The aim of the survey was to identify national and transnational needs, and challenges, related to marginalisation in the fields of culture and education as well as success indicators related to Urban Arts Education, whilst also considering the concepts of trans-disciplinarity, metro- and multilingualism.

Urban Arts Education Storybook

The second output from the URB_ART project is the Urban Art Education Storybook. The URB_ART team gathered twenty success stories from a range of transdisciplinary and multilingual Urban Arts Education providers and projects and put them together to share with a wider audience.

URB_ART In-service Training Package

The third output from the URB_ART project is the URB_ART In-Service Training Package designed to support individuals in the community who are interested in including Urban Arts Education in their training provision.