Urban Arts Education Storybook

The URB_ART Storybook presents the experience of Urban Arts Educators, the practical knowledge that we have gathered during the research phase of the URB ART project, concluded in Baseline Survey on Multilingual and Transdisciplinary Urban Arts Education.

We selected twenty stories from urban artists and practitioners of Urban Arts Education working across Europe. In the URB_ART Storybook, the art educators share their strategies for improving the life of low-skilled adults in marginalised communities, with hope to promote the most successful practices and address the biggest challenges impacting their work.  

Download the URB_ART Storybook – a compendium of storytelling resources through urban arts education in: English / Deutsch / Íslenska  / Português  / Slovenščina 

The successes and challenges of urban arts education: twenty stories from artists and educators working across Europe