3, 2, 1, here we go! Although the current COVID-19 pandemic compelled our first gathering to be held virtually, all partners felt our kick-off meeting was a success. Our Zoom sessions were, above all, intended for all partners to get to know each other and start our exciting journey as a team. Each partner organization’s members had a chance to introduce their organization and the specific know-how they bring to the project.

March 2021 (Virtual Launch)

More precisely, Ljubljana’s ZRC SAZU expertise lays in social science research, the partner from Lisbon, Proportional Message, supports people with disadvantaged backgrounds through the development of humanistic education values; the London-based FilmWorks Trust works with marginalized groups – and minority ethnic individuals – creating dynamic community-based skills training programmes on scriptwriting, digital video production and broadcasting; the Reykjavík Ensemble is a platform enabling artistic participation of professional artists, while the managing partner, Viennese EDUCULT, implements research and projects in the field of culture and education.

Much of our time was then devoted to the project’s rationale and how to achieve it, thus the work phases, and, of course, the expected results. We also touched upon project management, potential budget issues, the legal obligations, and lastly the baseline survey – the first step on our path to successful implementation.

The next partners’ meeting will be held in Reykjavík in October 2021.